Thursday, August 17, 2006

From: Rachel and the City

I Like Structure

Right now I'm going through one of those times in life where you have two possible situations arise, both of which would be fantastic to partake in, but of course, they overlap and you must choose one or the other. You know, like if you had the chance to get a backstage pass at your favorite band's show the same night as your best friend's birthday party where you know her hot cousin that you hooked up with last year might be flying in. The problem is, you won't know unitl the night of the party/show if your connection will be able to really hook you up or if said dude will actually be at the party. Keep in mind this is a lame analogy, what I am talking about actually has more to do with a possible job offer, that pays a lot of money but would mean I would miss out on some other stuff that i have really been looking forward to.

Anyway, all week I've been dealing with possibilities and it sucks. I just want to know the deal and be done with it all so I can move on instead of wrapping my head around a bunch of scenarios that may or may not happen. What ususally comes of this is I get all worked up and then nether situation pans out.

In other news, I'm getting more offers to cover music festivals - which is cool, but I always end up spending more money at these things than I make. Still to come this year, I'll be heading to Austin City Limits in Austin, Memphis' own Gonerfest, Voodoo Experience in NOLA, and CMJ in NYC. There really is no rest for the wicked.

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