Friday, August 11, 2006

From: artbutcher

New Interviews

when was the last time
there was two posts
on the same day
by us here at artbutcher
by the way
the best of memphis ballots are out
so be sure to put this blog down
as he bes n memphis
we all know it is not
it really is not about anything is it
not like those about
the local hipster scene
downtown books
nothing interesting like a blog
about other blog
or about going out to eat with kids
or wine tastings
nothing great like that
but in a half ass attempt
for self gratification
vote for this blog in the flyer
you can even vote online
this will be a precursor
to my imminent political career
enough about me
there are new interviews
guess what
i interviewed myself this time
you can not believe
how hard it is
to ask yourself questions
to answer the questions
you ask yourself
dwayne butcher
jada thompson
greely myatt
tim kinard
annabelle meacham
pinkney herbert

posted by dwayne

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