Tuesday, August 15, 2006

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Sometimes I do feel this way, and I'm way too young to be losing my mind. However, yesterday as I was leaving work I thought to myself "Did I post this morning? What did I do today?"

My entire day was a blur. Maybe it was because, once again, I was busy during every hour between when I got here and when I left. I don't know, but I hate to think that I can't remember the simple things that I do every day.

My wife brought me home a present yesterday that fit perfectly with the new crack I have. She bought me a college football preview magazine. Usually by this time of the year I've already collected three or more of them, but she gave me my first! Really, folks, she is the best!

Now, onto my new crack... I got NCAA Football 2007 the other day. I held off playing it all weekend and you don't know how hard that is, just seeing it sitting in the floor right in front of you beckoning you "Oh! You know you want to open me up and play me. Ooh! Just press the big circle and insert me in the machine. Yeah... That's sooooo good! Don't stop! Press 'A'! Now 'X'! Harder! Harder! No! Don't stop! I don't care if your wife just got home!!"

Whoa! What just happened? I kind of blacked out for a moment. Anyway, I held off on playing it all weekend, just to spare Adrianne the agony of watching me revert to being 8 years old. She already has to deal with the 15 year old version of me on a daily basis. I cranked it up yesterday while I was home for lunch, and, let's just say, my lunch ran a little longer than usual.

Really, it happens... I'm a video game junkie. I admit it. I could've stayed up all night last night playing and not thought anything about it. Adrianne went to bed without me, which will probably happen for a while, until I finish my first season. So far, I'm two games in and am 2-0. No, I'm not going to start blogging every day about my exploits on a video game!

Anyway, I've lost a little more of my mind this morning, so what I've tried to do is document it here and on "The Rules of Thumb". I hope someone enjoys watching me lose my mind?

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