Monday, August 21, 2006

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Who knows what evil lurks under women's shirts?

"Excuse me, Miss, but could you remove your sunglasses, your jacket, your shoes"
Everyone realizes that the war on terrorism has affected our lives in ways large and small. But who could have predicted that terrorists might be the undoing (in a very literal sense) of gel-filled bras?

Yes, in case you haven't heard this, gel-filled bras are supposed to be included on the list of items airline passengers are no longer permitted to carry or, in this case, wear. In theory, those types of bras could be filled with liquid explosives. No boom-or-bust jokes, please.

Obviously, this brings some questions to mind. Like how many airport screeners are actually going to have the guts to accuse women of needing that kind of enhancement to their natural attributes? How and where will bra inspections be taking place? And if gel-filled products are a problem, how much longer will it be before suspicion turns toward women with breast implants?

I know airport screening is serious business. If security officials feel it's necessary, I'm not going to be the one to argue. (Since I don't wear bras, gel-filled or otherwise, it's really not my problem.)

But I have to wonder if Islamic terrorists who believe women should dress and behave modestly foresaw that their actions might one day lead to women having to strip off their undergarments in public airports. A strange turn of events indeed.

Posted by Blake Fontenay

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