Wednesday, June 07, 2006

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Fun stuff

Okay, I know it's political, but here's some fun stuff for you:

Vote for your favorite Democratic Presidential candidate. Vote for Clark, while you still have a chance to.

It's not too late to punch an Emo kid today! (Okay, it's not political per se, but it does remind me of Blue States Lose.)

It's not too late to watch Frontline, either--- there's a great epi on tonight titled "The Last Abortion Clinic" (if it is when you read this, click the link for a good mini-show). It made me want to cry.

Our very own Sen. Frist is introducing a bill that would amend the Constitution to ban gay marriage. Cause apparently he has nothing better to do (yet another thing to thank Nashvile for).

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Serrabee said...

it is not so fun
without the links
or the punctuation
it is more like
an uninteresting paragraph