Monday, June 12, 2006

Bonus Post: From: Half-Bakered

Would You Like to Meet a Blogger?

Interesting observation from a political candidate-blogger about the bloggers bash:

Political ideology aside, it sounds like a wonderful opportunity to meet some of the people behind the blogs. Only catch is, you have to be a blogger to attend.

That raises an obvious question. Is there any interest in having some kind of "Meet the Memphis blogosphere" kind of event?

There have been blog panels at various events around town. I know Rachel's done them, as has Jon. I've even done one, about a year ago.

But I'm thinking maybe some kind of social/media event with an eye to getting us on the news or in the paper. Something to raise our profiles. And maybe something to let a curious public who read blogs and comment on them but don't blog themselves get to hang out with us. I know some of my commenters have wanted to attend a bash.

Yeah, that's a fairly formless idea, I know. But is there any interest?

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Philip said...

Ok, here is my take on this (if anyone outside my blog readers is interested):

This sounds about as exciting as a Star Trek convention. And if you find that exciting, you need to meet a creature I like to call "hot chicks".

Seriously though, why would bloggers want to raise our heads and say "hey, you know those somewhat anonymous websites where people talk about whatever they want? Well that's us and we don't want to hold onto our anonymity anymore. Come worship us for doing nothing more than express our opinions!" It really sounds like a lose/lose situation for all involved. Yeah, you might get 15 more readers a day, but so what? Don't hold a press conference to tell the world you exist. If you put out good material that people want to read, they will come to it anyway.