Thursday, June 08, 2006

From: Art Butcher

friday night
at the p and h cafe
is really the only place to be
it is where i will be
if that matters to anyone
the summer bloggers bash
is there first around seven
and yes
we have a bloggers union
here in memphis
it is a time
where we
the bloggers
get together
and discuss
how great we are
how we are changing
the landscape of this city
how we tell people what to think
with regards to
how people should live their daily lives
there are
many blogs in memphis
about memphis
for memphis
and most of those people
will be at the p and h friday night
if you do not have a blog
how are you changing the face of memphis
how i am
changing the face of memphis
i really dont think i am
because no matter
how many art events
i post on this here blog
none of you ever come
art may not be your thang
just like being brainwashed by the right
and going to church
aint my thang
so i dont hold
it against you
so here is another art event
you can not go to
the lantana projects
Ann-Marie James to Memphis
a video-audio artist living in london
it aint nothing but a good time
more art you say
the world traveling tad
is having an open studio tonight
visit the delta axis website for information
and his art
really is nothing but a good time
but who am i to say
what art is
and what art isnt
but i do know
the sexual orientation
of my friends
but that is not important either
side note
nickname of the week
not really a nickname
more of a fact
do you know what else is a fact
the fact is this aint nothing but a good time
and no
it has nothing to do with
knee high boots
panty hose
or circus freaks
but sunday
i will be at los compadres
to watch mexico play iran
in some world cup action
you cant tell me
watching the mexicans
play in a mexican bar
will not be a good time
the iranian president
is supposed to be in attendance
the one who has said the holocaust
did not happen
i wonder what the germans
will have to say about that
isnt it illegal in germany
to say the holocaust
does not exist
go mexico

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