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Live From Memphis™ Presents LI’L FILM FEST 2: it’s BBQ ya’ll! A theme-based, mini-festival – the second one ever.

Live From Memphis™ is announcing round 2 of its quarterly film fest “Li’l Film Fest” to take place on June 17, 2006 at 2pm. Sponsored by Churchill Studios HD Production and Post, the Festival will be held at the Memphis Digital Arts Co-operative (1000 S. Cooper Memphis, TN 38104).

The following is a list of accepted films and filmmakers:

"The Nine Circles of BBQ Hell" Brett Hanover
"Christopher Lloyd’s" Erik Morrison
"Good Slaw and Good Pork" Jon W. Sparks
"Lunch" Nick Ross
"The Champ" David Thompson
"Pig in a Poke" Morgan Jon Fox and Brett Hanover
"The Doctrine and Aesthetics of Pig-Husbandry" Adam and Melissa Remsen
"Divine Intervention" Christopher Reyes
"Plenty for Days" Eric Swartz
"The Guys Who Make the Movie Poster but Never Finish the Script" Valibus
"Barb-e-que" Sarah Fleming
"What It’s All About" Tammy Marqueerius

The event is free and open to the public; Live From Memphis and the MeDiA Co-op will be accepting donations. Support Local Filmmakers!

For more information about the LI’L FILM FEST go here or call: (901) 523-9763. Li’l Film Fest is a new kind of festival, highlighting local talent while showcasing interesting happenings around town.

Here’s how the festival works: Every 3 months LFM staff members announce a new theme to the filmmaking community. Filmmakers then put their own unique spin on producing a short film. The theme for the second Li’l Film Fest is barbecue, meaning that each film submission must somehow relate to barbecue. The winner(s) will be awarded a $200 cash prize and will also be guaranteed a spot in the next Indie Memphis Film Festival. Additionally, the li'l films must not exceed 5 minutes in length.

Live From Memphis™ is a grassroots organization representing Memphis music, film and the arts. We support and promote local musicians, filmmakers, artists, and industry professionals who are the lifeblood of the Memphis creative scene. It is our goal to connect creatives, grow opportunities, and gain exposure for our creative culture.

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