Wednesday, June 21, 2006

From: artbutcher

Fat Lazy Americans Looking for a Job

it seems
that many of you
did not like
the post before
the post before
it seems
that you think
it was too long
no attention span having people
do not like shit stories
oh well
there is always forever
sometime within that forever
you may be able
to learn to read something
longer than 20 lines
speaking of no attention span
and shit stories
i just figured out why
i have not been able
to find a "real" job
i was watching bob schieffer
it is a evening news program
you know
the one katie couric
is fixing to host
there was this story
of potential employers
googling potential employees
and finding that potential empoyees
myspace or facebook profile
which describes in perfect drunken prose
how they like doing beer bongs
during their lunch break
or has pictures
of the lacrosse teams birthday party
i can see how that
would keep you from a job
so i googled myself
something i do
about once a week
and this blog does come up
so after they get my resume
and those potential employers google me
they will read
i yell
at my fellow employees
for getting blamed
for using the bathroom
those employers
also find out
i have a foot fetish
love circus freaks
suicide girls
has a certification to steal cars
and has an affinity for midgets
why would that keep me
from getting a "real" job
i will never know
i guess i have to refine
my "real" job search
and lay it all out on the table
and send you my resume
or go back to repoing
or go deliver pizzas
oh how terrible
speaking of tables
i can not wait until
you get to see
my table top
for the p and h cafe
note to fellow bloggers
there is always something about art
speaking of art
be sure to catch the new number inc
an independent journal for the arts
where you can see
the world traveling tads
duel at dawn
with joel hilgenberg
you will also read in the editorial
who am i kidding
no one reads editorials anymore
but if you do
or if you will now
you will see the great write-up
leslie lubbers did for
by the way
you will also read
my interview with will o'loughlin
i am a published by someone else writer now
its like christmas in june
speaking of christmas
the georgias birthday is sunday

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