Thursday, July 06, 2006

From: Rock'n'Roll Minor Planets

I want a new drug

I just found the antidote to blogging. It is called happiness.

I wish there were a drug to simulate the way I feel now. That way it would be easily replicated, not to mention instantly accessible. Hell, there probably are some drugs that do the same thing. I do know that antidepressants make you feel like you're on a very even keel, which is not necessarily a good thing for everyone. I remember reading a statistic in a sociology class that fully 55% of American women have been on antidepressants at one time in their lives. What, my professor asked, does that say about our society? It's certainly not a good commentary.

My life continues to be good, making me more & more suspicious every day. Where did I get this dark, pessimistic nature? Of course it's not really great enough to bring fire raining down on my head in some sort of cosmic attempt to balance the universe... but I'm content. I really enjoy my life as it is---I like my friends, I have some fun stuff to look forward to this summer, and I was able to see some family this weekend for the first time in too long. To top it all off, fireworks greeted me at the end of my drive last night. Awesome. (That is one fun thing about living in flat lands as opposed to the TN hills. Miles and miles of sky each way you turn.)

My point is this: Mucking around in all of this contentment makes for a boring blog. I could tell you about my holiday weekend (it was great) or the punk band I made brownies for (they were all sweet) or some other personal story, but it would just feel like rubbing it in your invisible faces, so I won't. I just hope your shortened holiday week is as fun as mine should be. I've been filling in for a coworker this weekn & now have to give a presentation on Monday that I'm not really prepared for, if that makes all this bliss a little easier to swallow.

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