Tuesday, July 25, 2006

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Keeping the zombies at bay

Could the dead rise again in Shelby County during the Aug. 3 election?

Bill Giannini, the local chairman of the Republican Party, apparently thinks so.

He sent out an e-mail to his troops today, seeking Republicans who are willing to serve as registrars or poll watchers on Election Day. The motivation he used? A reminder of the, um, irregularities in last year's state Senate District 29 election, in which at least two dead people were recorded as voting.

The attention-getting header on his e-mail reads: "Help stop dead voters in their tracks!"

With proper (read: Republican) oversight at voting precincts, Giannini believes similar problems could be avoided this time around. And maybe, just maybe, he's trying to send out a subtle message about how close that election was and how every vote really does count.

Say this much for the Republicans: Like their elephant mascot, some of them seem to have pretty good memories.

Posted by Blake Fontenay

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