Wednesday, July 26, 2006

From: The Pesky Fly

What are You Offering, Harold?

I've not been blogging for some time because I was moving to a new home and generally being overwhelmed with political activism here in DC Metro Area. But, I'm back with a question, and I fully expect the female blogging trolls who love Harold Ford to start flaming when I ask this question?

What are you offering as a U. S. Senator, Harold?

Given that Chris Jackson came on this board and has graciously asked us to put aside our differences and throw our support behind Harold, I have to ask "What's he offering?" And, given the fact that our own Autoegocrat (formerly Autoegocrat-Ford)has responded to Mr. Jackson in succinct and factual manner, should we start looking for Harold to throw a "Hail Mary" pass soon in an attempt to woo more progressive voters who know about the voting record he can't defend, even if he presented it in front of a rigged jury?

His interview to Black Enterprise Magazine is telling me that Harold is still offering more of the same. Which is nothing, unless you like getting screwed over on your interests, concerns and issues.

You don't engage in outreach to your opposition unless you have something to offer that your opponents might be interested in. I want to know what is Harold offering that could persuade any of us to change our minds about him.

Is he offering to vote like a real Democrat? Is he offering not to act ashamed of being affiliated with the Democratic party?

Is he offering to change his mind on issues that matter like school vouchers, infant mortality rates, affordable housing, improving the environment and sponsoring legislation to offset the effects of global warming, and advocate for social justice issues?

Is he offering to apologize for voting like a well-trained ReThug?

Is he offering to quit insulting our intelligence and explain his voting record without sounding like the second coming of Joe Lieberman? Is he offering to start listining to us, his base? (Lest you think because I don't live in Memphis, I have family that do live in Memphis, and I can truthfully say, they want to spit on what Harold's offering these days. My relatives are elderly, and they are concerned that Harold's support for elimination of Social Security and creating an option for investment, is a repeat of the Stock Market crash of 1929 - they are that elderly. So, I have a stake in this, because his vote on the Senate floor carries a hell of a lot more weight than his votes as a House Congress Critter).

Harold Ford may kiss the asses of many a redneck outside of Memphis to get that Senate seat. Yet he is also starting to realize that while he can pull some people who wouldn't vote for an African-American to be dog-catcher to vote for him, he still needs the progressive, leftist base to put him over Corker in the general election.

But he has alienated that base with his legislative votes, and African-Americans in particular, with the claim of a Caucasian grandmother, who didn't even bother to identify herself as Caucasian when she was alive. The attempt to claim a bond and common ground with White voters has left a very nasty taste in the mouths of African-Americans who know about this. Even those who blindly support Harold couldn't swallow that one.

Harold, via political gadfly Chris D. Jackson, is sending the message that he needs our vote and our support in his Senate race. This, after basically pissing on our concerns and telling us to "not allow a few votes" to keep away our support. How can you go to the base you've spent ten years screwing over and asking them to help you unless you're promising something in return? You know you can't go empty-handed, nor can you go to them with a straight face and tell them to ignore how you screwed them over for ten years while in Congress.

So, I have to ask this question: "What are you offering, Harold?"

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