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How to help make "Scooter"

From Amber O'Daniels:

I am in the beginning stage of shooting my first feature film. The film is "Scooter" and is set to start shooting in August. It is a collaboration among some of the greatest film talents in Memphis.

--Morgan Jon Fox (award winning, director, writer etc.) will be behind the camera. He's the lead cameraman and editor of the film. (Sawedoff Collaboratory)

--Chris McCoy (writer and director of such great films as "Automusik" and "Eat") will direct and also write for the lead male character. (Oddly Buoyant Productions)

--Laura Hocking (Writer, assistant director, producer) will write for the female character of the film as well as keeping all of us organized. (Oddly Buoyant Productions)

--John Fuess (writer, director, camera guy) will be the second camera and map genius.

--David Merill is the location mastermind.

--Sean O'Daniels (DJ genius, music God) will be in charge of music. (Sawedoff Collaboratory)

--Tal Fields is lead male actor. (Oddly Buoyant Productions)

--Amber O'Daniels is lead female actor. (Sawedoff Collaboratory)

This experimental film takes two characters on a journey through America as they ride a Vespa. They will actually ride the scooter and be forced to deal with the environment as it comes. All sets and extras will be true to life. If you see the actors in a diner ordering from a waitress, the diner is real and the waitress really works there. The other aspect of the film that is interesting is that neither actor will know what will be taking place until the writers present it to them 10 minutes before shooting. Each character will improvise the entire film with direction from that character's writer. While the two lead characters are on the Vespa, the writers, director and camera crew will be in a van giving the characters direction. Each feeling that is portrayed is organic and true to the moment.

Why did I want to make such a film? I wanted to work with some of the best minds in Memphis before I left for New York and I wanted to make a pure love story. So many times I feel that love stories need to have someone die who comes back as a ghost who kills the bad man and needs to repent for all his or her wrongdoings. What ever happened to love, just simple falling in love? This film is about falling in love with someone, with yourself, with your environment and with a Vespa scooter.

What I need from you:

Funds. This film is completely independent but we need your help to make it. Here are a few ways that you can help:

1. Go here (sawedoff.net and click on Meisner). You will see section that says "Make a donation to the film." This is a Paypal account set up just for the film. When you fill out your information for the transaction we will send you an invoice. In the event the film makes an abundance of money, you will get back every penny that you paid into the film. Also, you will have your name in the credits regardless of the film making a big big profit or not.

2. Take my class. If you take my last class in Memphis you will get a great experience as well as assist in funding of the film. Each student will get an invoice so that if the movie makes an abundance of money he or she will receive what was paid for the class. How do you sign up for my class, and where can you learn more? Go here (sawedoff.net and click on Meisner) and all the information is there for your enjoyment.

3. Come to our first fundraiser July 29th at 8 pm at Otherlands coffee shop. Amy LaVere will be performing as well as other guests to be announced. We will also have art to auction off.

4. Make art for us to auction off at our fundraiser. Please! If you make art and it gets bought we will give you an invoice of the amount you would have sold it for and in the event the film makes a lot of money you will be paid the amount of the art you donated. Also your name will be in the credits.

5. Make a short film or a trailer for the Indie Memphis Film Festival and we will show it at our fundraiser.

6. Tell someone about the film, the fundraiser, the class.

: ) Amber O'Daniels

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