Monday, July 24, 2006

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That's kind of what I was thinking about last week, with the weather. Now, it doesn't really relate to any single person, but I'd almost swear that Satan, himself, came down to Memphis, just so he could warm up a little bit. Supposedly Hell's kind of cold this time of year?

Well, we got a reprieve from the scorching temperatures. I wasn't here in Memphis over the weekend, but, instead, was up in a little town called Salem, in Missouri. I'm not sure what the population is, but it's a little hole in the wall. Some of my family still lives there, namely both of my Grandmothers, which is reason enough to go back occasionally. This weekend, however, was our annual family reunion.

Most years the temperature is usually pushing the century mark, and the way it felt on Friday when we left, I assumed the same. We got a very nice surprise when we woke up Saturday morning and it was still in the 70's. The peak temperature for the day was 83 degrees, and there was a nice little breeze blowing. Absolutely perfect weather for a family reunion.

I spent most of my time with my cousins, playing softball. We don't have quite enough to get a full game going, so we altered things a little bit. I haven't played softball since I moved to Memphis, and I used to be a pretty decent player. Well, that's all gone! I was lucky to hit the ball out of the infield, and usually I just popped it up. I'm really going to have to get back into playing some sports around here! Otherwise, when Adrianne and I finally have a rookie or two, I won't be able to help them learn the game. That would suck!

Okay, so that's my update for today. I'm actually working away, again, this week. I've officially started my "project", and I'll be pretty busy for, oh, say the next three months! You'll be lucky to hear from me everyday, but I'll try!

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