Sunday, June 22, 2008

From: My Midtown Memphis

Crispin Glover at Black Lodge and new coffee shop in Crosstown area

Crispin Glover, the really creepy/interesting actor, will be making a few appearances at Black Lodge Video later this summer. Here is the info from Black Lodge themselves......

We are proud to announce probably a once in a lifetime event for most of us....

An Evening with Crispin Hellion Glover. He will bring his traveling 1 man show to Memphis for 3 nights only on August 5th, 6th, & 7th.

You will be be able to hear him speak, and see 2 of the films from his 'It' trilogy that Crispin wrote, directed, and funded. Followed by a Q&A with Crispin, and a booksigning will bring the evening to a close.
This section below is a rather "enthusiastic" summary of Glovers roles over the years. George McFly from Back to the Future is my favorite...
The dark clouds of mediocrity forever looming over the city of Memphis will part for 3 days in August. We warmly welcome Rubin Farr (Rubin and Ed), Layne (River's Edge), Cousin Dell (Wild at Heart), Willard Stiles, Andy Warhol (The Doors), Jimmy from Friday 13th pt. 3, Danny (Lynch's Hotel Room), Arlo (The People Vs. Larry Flint), the ominous train passenger from Dead Man, Lucas (At Close Range), Roy (Nurse Betty), Bartleby ("), and George Mcfly! into our seconds from suicide lives for a few days.

The entire event will take place at the Palace Cinema off of Summer Ave. on Old Summer Road. 5117 Old Summer Rd. to be exact. It's the theatre that used to be the old Fare 4. Right next to the now burned and closed roller rink if anyone's memory goes back that far. They have been very cooperative and supportive with the organization of this event. We're very pleased with their accomodations, and extremely grateful for their participation.

Due to the strong adult themes and just general slightly messed up nature of his 2 films being screened, you must be 18 years of age to enter the event. NO EXCEPTIONS.

We'll release the ticket price and the date they'll start being sold soon. TICKETS WILL ONLY BE SOLD AT BLACK LODGE VIDEO. You won't be able buy tixs for this at the Palace Cinema. If you'll be coming in from out of town to this, email me here in as much advance as possible, and we'll work something out in getting you your tickets.

And we'll give you the same disclaimer for the event we were given by him. IF between now and then he's offered an acting job or something else he can't turn down and it forces him to cancel the dates- he will most definitely make up whatever dates missed.

So I don't live in the Evergreen neighborhood anymore, but I still think that's one of the nicer neighborhoods in the city, so I like to keep up with things there if I can. There is a little bar on the corner of Watkins and Overton Park that has been a variety of things over the last few years. The first thing I remember it as was a restaurant called Lupe and Bea's, then it was Club XYZ for a few years and was home to the CRAZIEST bathroom ever in existence (it basically looked like you were Alice falling down the rabbit hole), and most recently it was an AA meeting house. Well according to my sources it's now going to be a neighborhood coffee house called The Edge. Should be open soon and it's a great addition to the neighborhood. I hope they keep the bathroom like it used to be.

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