Friday, June 27, 2008

From: artbutcher

Please Stop With the Emails and the Texts

yes i won the wingoff
yes i hosted the wingoff that i won
yes i handpicked the judges
i picked judges that would be objective
see after several years
i began to see hamlett and alan
for what they really are
i am not saying
i am just saying
but i will say this

they were not judges


i won the wingoff

oh and here are some reviews
of some of our favorite
memphis people
young at art
may not be an appropriate title
as some of these peoples
were slanging their wares on the corners
before avon barksdale
was even famous

oh yeah
i went and saw
west side story last night
pepe was beautiful
one of the shark girls wasnt wearing any underwear
that was exciting
she was one of the few
out of high school

i think there is some behind the scene romances going on
that should be a new reality series
the theatre peoples that do it with each other
because your god knows
the art people aint doing it with each other
the art people aint doing it with anyone
poor art people

poor art people
poor people that read this blog
i have to end this post now
as i just had
what some would call
a breakthrough
i can not post
what i just wrote
as it is probably
that greatest thing i have ever written
and i have to save it
save it for my may show
i know may is along way away
but believe me
it is worth the wait
and on the bright side
you will probably forget
all about this blog post before may
and you will still think
it is the greatest thing ever
that is how fucking hot it is
here is a list of people that i mention
in the rest of this post that you will not read
but will hear about in nine months

the georgia
david lusk
anna "cowboy bright" rossi
steve cohen
emily walls
taurus "from fifth grade"
marjorie baker
john weeden
carissa's stuffed cabbage
the judge
kilgore trout
anita "the first black girl i did it with"
richard deacon
matt saunders
otto berchem
richard prince
and eddie vedder

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