Friday, December 08, 2006

From: Jen-sized

Well lookie here!

While I was driving to work this morning, my gas light came on. I still had about 10 miles left to go, so I was cutting it pretty close. Fortunately when I left work my car actually started. So I hightailed it to the nearest gas station, where all the pumps were occupied. However, I saw no one actually pumping gas. There weren't any people sitting in their cars either. So while the fumes feebly powering my car were dissipating all these chumps were using the pumps as a PARKING LOT!


So then I turned on to Poplar in search of another station, and there were so many crackheads in there, and people turning their paychecks into lottery tickets, I almost gave up. But I'm home now, and the SNL rerun currently showing on E! is the one from last winter when Jack Black hosted. You'd think that with Jack Black hosting, even in this era of SNL, it'd be nonstop hilarious, but so far "Lazy Sunday" is the only funny thing I've seen. And of course I've already seen that.


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