Friday, December 08, 2006

From: artbutcher

It's Easier to Get a Show at the Brooks than the P and H

there is a review that came out
in the flyer
of steven and chris' work
at the brooks
and the last couple of lines are the greatest

"It's really flattering," Williams says of his invitation to show at the Brooks. The fact that he had two shows running simultaneously in Memphis, he maintains, is "pure coincidence."
"I'd booked the P&H last winter, and their waiting list is so long that it took until now for my name to come up," he says.

not even carol knowles
could come up with lines like that
thats right
people want the p and h art shows
people need the p and h art shows
not even the brooks
can plan as far in advance as me
now the self flattery is over
with the p and h in mind
dont forget about gabe martin tomorrow at 8:00pm
after chris wollards bfa and aaa show
after richard gambles introduction
to the memphis art world
and the p and h artbazaar
dont miss that on sunday
like you missed
virginias talk
about her piece
and egg nog martinis
and her
cube outside a square with a light on
something like that
i shouldnt make fun
as i need to stay in her house
when i go to nyc
to see pinkneys show

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