Sunday, September 10, 2006

From: Paul Ryburn's Journal

Sunday update: An artsy link, football, AMOGs, and more

Here's a link to a Commercial Appeal article that is a must-bookmark: The 2006-2007 performing arts calendar, by writer Christopher Blank. It's a comprehensive calendar listing the schedule of just about every performing arts group in the city. It also contains a good article about the new Hattiloo Theater on Marshall.

Ravi Shankar is performing on October 5 at the Germantown Performing Arts Center. He's the guy who taught George Harrison from the Beatles how to play the sitar. I bet he'd be worth seeing. God, he's gotta be pushing 100 now.

Sitting here in the Union Avenue branch office. Just posted Deal of the Week, with good deals on an MP3 player, a laptop, and accounting software. Been a good morning so far... walked out my apartment building's door and the first person I saw was a Romanian, on her way to buy cigarettes at Walgreens before heading to work. Hmmm. Maybe she's stalking me.

Apparently because I hang out in bars a lot, everyone thinks I should have an opinion on tonight's Eli Manning vs. Peyton Manning matchup. I don't. Well, unless "don't care" counts as an opinion. Oh, fine. I'll have an opinion. I'll pull for Eli because when I hung out at the downtown Blue Monkey for Sunday brunch, my bartender was named Eli. She was a girl though. Game starts at 7:15, which means I'll probably be sitting in Sleep Out's watching it. Could go to the Saucer to watch it but the place will be full of AMOGs (Alpha Male Other Guys; it's a term used on how-to-pick-up-women websites) who take NFL football way too seriously. Actually, it's kind of fun to watch them watch the game, kind of like it's fun to go to the zoo and watch the animals. Maybe I will go to the Saucer after all.

Ole Miss lost yesterday. Good. Maybe they should change their cheer to "Hotty Toddy, We Suck!"

Plans for this week: Rooftop party on the roof of my apartment building Thursday night. Cooper-Young Fest on Saturday. Otherwise, the usual stuff - Pint Nite tomorrow, team trivia on Tuesday, Court Square concert series on Wednesday. Friday I will probably take the night off and get some rest. I don't mess around when it comes to Cooper-Young - I absolutely will not allow myself to wake up with 3 hours sleep and a hangover that morning, like I do most Saturdays.

Time to log off and play the NTN trivia game. See you later!

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