Wednesday, September 06, 2006

From: artbutcher

Oh Sweet Jesus

oh sweet jesus
i know
i know
i know
i said
i would never write another mass email
but i have promised a lot of people
a lot of different things
and didnt come through
that were more important than an email
but lets get down to business
as i wait for the gesso to dry
on what i hope like hell
is not the 11th, 12th, 13th, and 14th canvas
to be thrown against the wall
i have a little time to tell you a story
a short story
more of a to do list really
as i scratch off entries
on my own
things to do before the wedding list
we have booked the band
an irish bluegrass band
oh sweet jesus
tell me that aint going to be a good time
you have never seen me
dance my
lord of the dance
that i dance so well
good times
good times
another good time was the roller derby prom
and the sexual sensory overload that it was
talk about subject matter for paintings
only to be thrown against the wall
what a waste
just like money for a tent at our wedding
nothing but clear skies ahead
atleast i hope that is the case
five months from now
when i sign my life away
they say half of all marriages end in divorce
i know four couples
that have yet to get a divorce
i dont like the odds
oh well
it is better than sitting at home on friday night
you get to see
what no one else has seen
larry edwards paintings at marshall arts
imagine being in a room with him
talking about art
his crazy pelican eating roses art
good times
good times
but do not linger
as there is an opening at material on broad
with a soon to be
new yorker
wearing the finest fashions
that will get to memphis
just in time
to get them at the vintage shops
in nyc
carolyn bomar
i bet she wants to see me
do the lord of the dance
good times
good times
but do not linger
as there is an opening at david lusk as well
with maysey craddock
the only person i know
that is making powerful work
about hurricane katrina
and she lives in germany
what does that say about us
oh yeah
we dont care about poor people
good times
good times
but do not linger
erin king is showing at
the world famous p and h cafe
it is world famous
i talked to a guy from england
who loves this place
he loves the table tops
thank you
thank you
and he will love erin
who said she is dressing up as wonder woman
that you just have to see
but do not linger
bobby spillman
is having his first show
since getting his mfa
he has come out of his hermits shell
got a hair cut
pulled out the three year old diamond crowns
and is showing a lross gallery
i wonder how those white walls
are holding up
good times
good times
almost as much
as preparing for a wedding
do i see wedding planner in my future

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TOR Hershman said...

I hear "The Wedding March" and see a divorce lawyer ssssssssmile at the tones of he/her's favorite tune.

But it doesn't mean anything!