Tuesday, August 05, 2008

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Overton Park Shell Schedule, new local beer, Harlan T. Bobo show, and the return of Schlitz

Ok, big post today.

First off let's start with the schedule for the newly remodeled Levitt Shell (formerly Overton Park Shell). I know a lot of people are really anxious for this to get going and I'm one of them. This is just one more thing that Memphis lacks that other cities this size have. I think Midtown will be able to support the project and I'm very impressed with the progress of the project so far. I would paste the schedule below but it's way to large to fit on the page so you can check out the homepage HERE for some more info. It's a really well done site as well so that always helps a projects image. I will say that the opening Amy Lavere show on Sept. 4th should be great and I'll be sure to attend.

The Memphis Flyer had a little write up today on a new local beer brewery called Ghost River Brewing. It's made at the Boscos facility downtown on South Main and is made by the same guy that co-owns Bosco's. The thing that makes them special is that it's brewed with Memphis Artisan well water, the same special water that makes Memphis famous in terms of clean, natural water sources. The Ghost River beers — Ghost River Golden, Glacial Pale Ale, Brown Ale, as well as seasonal beers, such as a German-style Hefeweizen and a Scottish ale — are draft-only beers and are currently being marketed to local restaurants and bars by Southwestern Distributing. It will be available at both Flying Saucer locations, both Central BBQs, Ciao Bella, Equestria, and Yia Yia's.

In case you're reading this RIGHT NOW at 7pm on Monday, then I have something for you to run out and do right now.....HARLAN T. BOBO Video Shoot Monday NIght @ HiTone

"$5 Cover" will be shooting footage of Harlan performing on Monday night at the Hi-Tone.
This will be a free, 18+ shoot, and we would like to invite those who love Harlan and his music
to participate.

Exact time has not been set yet, but if you would like to take part, please email Lorin here:
fivedollarcovercasting@gmail.com and she will contact you as soon as the time is set.


Please dress accordingly for a Harlan show. Think darker or muted colors.

Please also avoid the following things, as they
do not show well on the camera:

Black, white, red
Small stripes/patterns (1/2inch or larger, fine)

Feel free to bring a friend as long as they are aware of the wardrobe constrictions.

Finally, the beer that we all love to get tall boys of at the Deli is going retro on us and reverting to their old fashioned recipe. I'm talking about Schlitz, the beer that made Milwaukee famous. According to a Yahoo! news report, Schlitz was originally the most popular beer in the world until about 1955 when a Milwaukee beer brewers union strike opened up the floodgates to the world of Budweiser. After that it was downhill for the beer with "just a kiss of the hops" and now you can really only find it in tall boy cans that border on malt liquor. But the company, which is owned by Pabst Blue Ribbon, has now done their homework and is going back to the original recipe that made it loved worldwide. Apparently, years of cutting corners to save money and sacrificing flavor as well as poor marketing campaigns, resulted in the downfall of the Schlitz empire but it is now poised to return. For right now, the old school recipe beer is only available in Milwaukee, Chicago, and Minneapolis (another reason Minnesota rocks) and they cant keep it on the shelves there. It's gotten to the point where stores have to have a waiting list for people and also won't let them buy more than a certain amount of the stuff in one trip. So keep your eyes and mouth open for the return of the Beer that Made Milwaukee Famous!

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