Tuesday, July 22, 2008

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Memphis Police Director opens Pandora’s Box?

For the last few months, I’ve been aware of a Blog called MPD Enforcer 2.0. It’s a place where MPD officers (or anyone, for that matter) can go and vent about the MPD. I didn’t publicize it because it has turned into a foul mouthed bashing site. Plus, there are some serious allegations concerning the behavior of the MPD brass amongst all the name calling. However, let me be the first to say I don’t own the blog and the owners and posters on that blog are free to say anything they wish. It’s not my business.

But apparently MPD director Larry Godwin thinks it’s his business.

The Blog owner goes by the name of Dirk Diggler. This morning, the MPD and the City of Memphis filed a lawsuit demanding AOL give up IP addresses, user and billing information of the e-mail account Dirk provided for tips and information on his blog. The Commercial Appeal has picked up the story. Be sure to read the article comments section to see how the people of Memphis feel about this use of their tax dollars. Making matters more intriguing, most of the case is sealed.

I have asked several legal types if Godwin has a case or is this just intimidation and a gross violation of Free Speech? About 90% of them said there is no case. One wasn’t so sure based on current events involving bloggers. We shall see. Perhaps the case can be made of several postings libeling folks.

In any case, one wonders why Godwin would do this? It can only generate really negative publicity for him, and drive thousands of people to the site to see what all the commotion is about, therefore letting the general public know how the MPD rank and file really feel about him. Not a good move for someone most likely planning to run for Sheriff, and it does add credibility to the claim Godwin practices Gestapo-like tactics against those who go against him.

Is it perhaps that some of the allegations on the blog are true? Has Dirk hit a sore spot? Or is there more to it than meets the eye? Enforcer’s comments are moderated, so we don’t know what didn’t make it to the blog. I have to admit I have heard several of the allegations on that blog from other sources. I have discussed some of them in the past here, but there was never any proof and so they remain rumors and allegations. Maybe that’s changing.

Note: I was gonna put a picture of Godwin on here, but I'd have to take it from the MPD site, and I don't want Godwin coming after me for copyright infringement!

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