Monday, February 12, 2007

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Sometimes I log in to my Movable Type and start typing away at an entry, only to get sidetracked by something on the television or elsewhere on the net, or I decide that a) I've already talked about this too much, b) nobody cares or c) there is no cohesive idea behind what I'm rambling about. This time I'm going to go all the way and if it doesn't make any sense, OH WELL.

I got my new MacBook yesterday and I love it. I love the built-in iSight and the remote and all the neat features that my PowerBook doesn't have - oh, and the glossy screen is just spectacular. Reminds me of watching television in HD. I love not being restrained by my AC adapter, which has become a breathing tube for my PowerBook. I've even found a couple of neat new apps, like this Flock browser and Transmission, the BitTorrent client. Still need to get Adobe CS/CS2 and see how it performs, but that can wait.

But... my wireless router and the new Mac -- which I've named Reggie, go ahead and laugh -- don't seem to want to get along. I can connect to our home network, which was handy when I transferred my music and photos over, but not the Internet. I tried everything I could think of, which wasn't much. Although I know my way around a Mac better than I know my way around my house but I'm no network administrator. I jumped on one of the neighbor's networks (y'all really need to secure your network), so I know I can connect SOMEHOW.

I even called Apple, which is like the Ultimate Last Resort™ and they couldn't help me. I realize that the issue is between my computer and the router, as our other Macs connect wirelessly with no trouble, but I was really hoping that they would say "Do this, this and this, set this to this, and you should be fine." I don't think the lady was qualified. I think her qualifications ended at the power button. I hung up on her. And I've been attached to the wall all day. I don't really mind it, because it's kind of nice to see our "office" actually put to use, but Saturdays Bravo shows Six Feet Under marathons, and they were at Season 4 today, and I really wanted to watch, but I wanted to play with my new toy at the same time. Waah.

Anyway, any kind of advice would be appreciated.

Here is a cool picture I took at the Vending Machine CD release party last Saturday. robby1

Out of all the times I've seen them, that was probably the best. They had two drummers. I have only listened to the new album a little bit (as a certain person has been keeping a pretty tight grip on it) but it's as good as I expected. It's about the only local music I keep up with anymore. Nothing's really impressed me lately. I did like Castle Poster when they played at the Bucc a few weeks ago.

Tonight I think I'm going to the Hi-Tone again for the MRD Birthday Party. Maybe it will motivate me to grow a pair and start skating again. Who knows. We'll see about that.


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