Tuesday, October 24, 2006

From: The Flypaper Theory

How Many Ways To Lose an Election?

How Many Ways to Lose an Election? Harold Ford, Jr., is counting them as I write this.

Make no mistake; I'm not busting out the champagne glasses if Harold loses, and I never would. Yes, I've been just as critical of his voting record and his representation of Memphians, and his pull so far to the right, he is the African-American version of Trent Lott.

Yet, I'd steeled myself to actually start thinking of him as "Senator Ford". And it could still happen.

But when you are in an election that had become yours to win, despite all the truth-telling we do here at TFT, why do you then treat us to a YouTube clip that all but shows you shooting your campaign in the foot and picking off its' toes one-by-one?

Most blogs are pretty quiet on Ford's meltdown with Bob Corker at the Wilson Air Terminal last week. Some are saying he's still going to win, and at this point, anything's possible, given that it is Tennessee we're talking about. However, I wouldn't want Kos' record on political campaigns, either (Kos is like, um, 2 for 20 and counting...)in calling this election for Harold, just yet.

So, How many Ways can Harold lose this Election? Let us count them:

(1) Being caught at the Playboy Mansion, then taping a campaign ad showing you in church as a God-Fearing Christian. While I like to go to a good party like anyone else (and don't think a Christian can't get their "party" on; if they tell you that, they're a lyin' Christian), if I'm seen at the Playboy Mansion, as the Christian Progressive Liberal, I don't think my excuse of "witnessing to the lost" is going to play well.

(2) Having your former lover posting pictures of your vacation with her on the Internet. Ah, those "Family Values" again. I'm no prude, but if you're promoting yourself to those in East Tennessee as a "Family Values" man, going off on weekends with a woman you're not married to, doesn't cut it. If there's some "Family Values" that allow for fornication, could you forward them to me, please? While I know plenty of ministers who do the same thing, I call them out on that, too. And while what you do in your personal life shouldn't matter a damn to anyone except you and another consenting adult, it does if you're promoting yourself as a "Family Values" man. Look what it did for Mark Foley and Don Sherwood...

(3) Trying to distance yourself from your family while getting tied up with them 50 ways from Sunday. Either endorse your brother and really kill your chances at that Senate seat, or do the right thing and shore up your base by endorsing who rightfully won the Democratic nomination for the 9th District Congressional Seat.

(4) Gatecrashing your opponent's press conference and then going on television lying about how Bob Corker won't engage you in debates. I saw them on C-Span...and if you weren't making this Senate race about your family, showing up with the same thug-like tactics as the rest of your family doesn't do jack to show Tennessee and the Nation how you're not like the rest of your family. Jeez, Harold, gatecrashing Corker's press Conference? My God, what the Hell were you thinking when you did that?!!!

I'm going on the record again - I wanted you to win or lose this election based on the merits, your voting record and the issues. But you have made this election about your family and their peccadilloes, as well as your own.

And to think, I'd actually gotten used to the idea of calling you "Senator Ford" even if your response would be to cuss me out to my face. I can still get used to the idea, but your idiocy is taking that to a whole 'nother level that I can't begin to fathom...

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